MetaFyre™ shapes companies, plants and cities as intelligent, evolving, autonomous and cooperating Digital Organism, giving humans new trustable, intelligent entities to interact with and new ways to automate difficult, boring or dangerous tasks that humans should not deal with directly.

The evolution towards the sense and respond organization requires a set of horizontal hyper-connected capabilities

MetaFyre™ gathers real-time data from any source (e.g. sensors, PLCs, SWs), processes them (e.g. aggregates, computes KPIs, detects patterns), learns from them and take actions starting from them, eventually recording crucial steps and documents in the Blockchain

Pre-integrated technologies can be assembled to transform your organization into a smart and connected digital organism

Every «organism» is created composing the base platform with the needed Functional Bricks, in a Lego® like approach. Bricks are provided by the Futuryng Ecosystem Partners** but everyone (even legacy systems) can be freely «brickized» with a simple software wrapping task (making that technology eligible to be a new Futuryng Ecosystem component).

MetaFyre™ offers the right tools to build industrial IoT solutions

MetaFyre™ realizes the HyPeer-Connectivity paradigm that enables peers to connect to each others and share whatever is needed (i.e. Avatars, Workflows, Functional Bricks) to exchange and orchestrate inter and intra-peer business processes and automatize activities whenever sensible

A real hyper-connected integration

MetaFyre™ gathers real-time data from any device (e.g. sensors, PLCs) and existing systems (e.g. MES, CRM, legacy DBs, etc.), augments them (e.g. aggregating data, computing virtual variables, computing KPIs and metrics, etc.), reasons applying explicitly modelled rules or trained AI Algorithms, takes actions starting from them, connects with other internal or external entities (e.g. MetaFyre™ installations) to integrate processes in order to achieve the maximum possible efficiency, while guaranteeing data integrity at any step with a cryptographic securing layer (Blockchain based or native). A straightforward modelling paradigm based on Avatars (i.e. a digital replica of real world assets) and Automatons (i.e. networkable rules based on augmented Finite State Automata) lets you abstract from technical complexities and design your IIT solution at a logical level.

Fog and Cloud Computing







Complex rules


What it is

MetaFyre™ is an industrial grade technology designed to quickly and effectively build distributed and hyper-connected IoT solutions using composing capabilities like you have with the bricks of a Lego®. The MetaFyre™ Base Platform lets you shape any complex system (e.g. a company, a plant, a city) as a Digital Organism able to autonomously interact with its parts (i.e. sensors/actuators, HW/SW systems and people) and with the external world (i.e. other Digital Organisms or 3rd party systems).

Unique Value Proposition

For everyone
Vertical and horizontal connectivity
- vertical connectivity: integrate processes, devices, systems and their control logics (monitoring, augmentation, automation)
- horizontal connectivity: share and orchestrate processes, data and services among suppliers, customers, sister companies
Futuryng Ecosystem
- Thanks to the MetaFyre base capabilities, build industrial grade IoT solutions and make them cooperate among each other
- Add new advanced capabilities connecting other technologies offered by the Futuryng Ecosystem

IoT Projects Buyers
Investments Maximization
Maximize the value of:
- past investments, easily connecting and integrating with any technology that is already in place (despite the technological era it belongs to), avoiding to replace what just works and that wouldn’t need to be replaced
- present investments, reducing the project execution time, risks and costs composing pre-integrated technologies and taking advantage of government incentives in the field of IoT, AI and Blockchain - future investments, minimizing the costs of extending systems with new capabilities at any moment by adding new “Bricks” offered by the entire Futuryng Ecosystem or by any 3rd party that wants to benefit of the Futuryng Ecosystem worldwide sales channels

System Integrators
Unique Modelling Paradigm
- A straightforward modelling paradigm based on Avatars (i.e. a digital replica of real world assets) and Automatons (i.e. networkable rules based on augmented Finite State Automata) lets you abstract from technical complexities and design your IIT solution at a logical level
- A clear path to follow during project execution to lower complexity and time to market

Technology Owners
Futuryng Ecosystem
- easily transform your technology into a MetaFyreTM Brick and make it compatible with all the technologies of the ecosystem, virtually expanding your capabilities offer at zero-cost and let the Ecosystem sell your technology on your behalf
- access a wider go-to-market strategy and network with global sales, technology and financing partners


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