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The Future of Digital Enterprise Systems

Metafyre™ is a highly composable application fabric technology that makes it easy to create enterprise-level packaged business capabilities which can be composed dynamically using a Lego-like approach and reused in other applications within your organization.

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“Future application experiences will be built from composable business capabilities that can quickly enable new business scenarios.”

(2021 Strategic Roadmap For The Composable Future Of Applications)

The Metafyre plug-and-play model

The Metafyre plug-and-play model is an intuitive, unique, and content-centric approach that allows packaged business capabilities to easily be reconfigured into new models dynamically shared with other organizations or repackaged into more valuable business capabilities using the same steps. It is the model everyone is looking for, but not all of them know they need it!

Based on a Lego-like platform, we leverage a distributed approach to build and manage multiple applications on a single platform with composable components which can be dynamically repurposed and shared within multiple applications. This acts as a way to reuse software components within organizations, which would otherwise result in having to maintain separate applications for each business use case.


Building the System of the Future

Metafyre™ is an inventive industrial-grade technology that enables building large-scale, distributed digital solutions to meet today’s big networked market needs. It offers powerful yet flexible functionality delivered at a fraction of the cost and time required to build a complete digital solution from scratch.

Our ground-breaking software technology at Metafyre seeks to replace conventional, traditional coding with software modules, called Smart Digital Bricks that are highly reusable, capable of being configured automatically to be assembled using a low code deployment mechanism, allowing all the different entities of an entire ecosystem of individual units to be interconnected and composed easily!

MetaFyre’s new technological approach leverages its patented interoperability concept, transforming complex processes into integrated modular digital systems whose parts can autonomously interact with each other. This innovation drastically reduces the global footprint of existing enterprise systems while at the same time increasing their resiliency and operational efficiency by moving from silos to packaged business capabilities with teams owning both business logic and software implementation without worrying about integration within their organization or across it.

This design methodology provides developers with an easy way to build modular systems for any purpose. From Industrial to pharmaceutical, Healthcare to Telco, Metafyre’s new architectural approach makes it easier to create digital systems that are more modular and interconnected than the current ones!


Taking technological architectures to a wider horizon

Many companies today rely on integrating data and solutions between legacy systems to stay competitive. For these businesses, the problem is that their existing systems lack integration and interoperability capabilities.

This means that the only way they can connect internal systems is by building costly and static integrations which can strain resources when they need them most. What’s more, is that the rigid nature of these integrated systems exposes companies to a great amount of risk. It hinders their ability to leverage new market opportunities or pivot if needed, putting them at a disadvantage compared to competitors who can do so without fear because their developers have better tools for creating new apps quickly.

Metafyre is a Low Code platform that allows the sharing and management of data between companies and all their devices to improve workflow efficiency through improved automation. Metafyre offers a hybrid technology solution that connects different technology systems so information can be stored, accessed, and used across a range of solutions.

Metafyre delivers a hybrid cloud technology platform integrating Information Systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), Web, Mobile, and IoT devices that helps to connect silos in a company. If any individual can be easily connected with any other business actors and access the same information, they will be able to work more efficiently with each other. With Metafyre, companies can easily move newly created data into their business systems.

Developing with ease

Metafyre is a technology meant to help developers write hybrid edge-on premise-cloud natively connected applications, regardless of the technology they already use. Metafyre is designed to make it easy to integrate with the existing technology your company uses while adding a unique aspect that’s been proven to be beneficial.


Many players, lots of advantages


Project Owners

Maximize ROI.

Easily connect and integrate with existing technologies, avoiding replacements.

Reduce project execution time by composing rather than building, to drive new business models and major industry shapeshifts.

Minimize the costs of extending systems by adding new modules and capabilities.


System Integrators

Unique Modelling Paradigm.

A straightforward way to design distributed and connected Solutions while abstracting from technical difficulties.

A clear project execution path to lower complexity and time-to-market.



Vertical and Horizontal Connectivity can dynamically connect the entire organization.

Represent processes, devices, systems, and their control logic (monitoring, augmentation, automation) as software components (smart bricks) that can be easily assembled to build the composable enterprise.

Share and orchestrate processes, data, and services as packaged business capabilities among suppliers, customers, and third parties.

Our application industries

Metafyre is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes!


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