Towards a tailored and proactive health assistance

Metafyre Healthcare is the medical care system of the future – a virtual, distributed, and connected environment able to digitally represent either patients (Avatars) or physical equipment and systems (Digital Twins) to build the Next-Gen Telemedicine and Precision Medicine Ecosystem.

Focusing on the Patient

Patients, their records, systems, machines and devices are represented as a set of Intelligent Digital Bricks that can be dynamically shared and assembled.
The Patient’s Avatar is built by combining bricks that integrate molecular, clinical and image data spread over multiple sources to create a complete digital representation of each patient.
The dynamic sharing of digital bricks allows connecting the patient’s Avatar with the entire healthcare ecosystem and creates a distributed healthcare ecosystem that can be remotely managed.
Patients can now be managed remotely with all records and diagnostics making caring processes much more efficient and significantly reducing intervention time and well-being.

The Smart Digital Bricks

In the virtualized healthcare ecosystem, all entities (machines, patients, systems) are represented by a composition of intelligent digital bricks, each of them describing a specific function or information.
The Bricks (different by nature and belonging to distinct entities) can be placed (shared) and used (assembled) at each point of the ecosystem.

The dynamic composition of the bricks allows the building of holistic digital representations of the patients (Avatars), connecting them to the other elements in the ecosystem.

The "Avatar" Patient

The Avatar of the patient is fully customized and dynamically composed by aggregating all information about clinical and health conditions collected from every available source (wearable, medical records, etc.).

By integrating and processing different types of data, even infrequent patterns or hidden relationships are revealed to provide prescriptive guidance to medical staff.

A tailored virtual environment, made of connected equipment and systems, is built around the patient’s Avatar to achieve all-around remote monitoring and assistance.

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