What it is - Blockchain

Metafyre™ Smart Contracts
Metafyre™ Peers can sign electronic contracts that define what data, services and goods to share and under which conditions (e.g. read/write/usage permissions, time periods, SLA, costs).

Document Sealer Service
As a Metafyre™ Base Service, the Document Sealer allows you to:
- store inside Blockchains in an immutable, unchallengeable and certified way, every activity (e.g. people action, process state transaction, service usage, goods purchase) and document (e.g. contract, NDA, framework agreement, invoice, payment reference, system log, image, video)​
- search for a stored activity or document inside Blockchains
- prove in autonomy (without any intermediation) that an activity has been done or that someone made some declaration about a specific document in a certain time

The Document Sealer Service is not bound to any Blockchain in particular to avoid any possible lock-in and to be opened to future evolutions of the Distributed Ledger Technologies field.​ When using the Document Sealer Service you can chose what Blockchain to store your data into.

On-chain or Off-chain
All the services related to the Blockchain (i.e. Peers and Asset Identification, Document Sealer Service) are available even if you chose not to go on the Blockchain. This can be crucial, for instance, for On-Premises Metafyre installations when Internet connection is not available. In this case everything works anyway and security is granted by Metafyre asymmetric keys based crypto system.